Clab Furniture, short kitchen – Living – Furniture – the Bathroom, the furniture showroom for those who want to decorated your home with elegance and quality.

Just a few steps from the centre of Mascalucia, between Gravina and Nicolosi, CLAB FURNITURE offers the best brands of furniture, ranging from classic to modern with an exhibition of over 600 square meters.

We transform the simple design of a space in an environment to live in. We make the dream of your home thanks to our experience and professionalism. Our interior designer,
architects and craftsmen in the Tailoring of the Mobile ensure that care is detailed to create a comfortable environment, in line with your needs and your dreams.

A perfect match between desire and budget, with the possibility of customized financing, even without a paycheck. Our concept furnishing, furnishing, fabrics, lighting is not only based on an aesthetic factor of beauty. Our choice is based on a careful selection of companies and brand who, like us, conceive the space as the place where are born the emotions of our life, like the hearth around which will shape your dreams and you solidificheranno your memories.

For us to CLAB FURNISHINGS each project you call HOME... YOUR...